Originally from Newcastle, I left school in 1993 with no clear career plan or direction, as so many do, and from there I stumbled into a career of customer service, contact centres, management and resource planning for 25 years. I gained a lot of valuable and transferable experiences and skills.
In 2018 and at the young age of 42, I decided that it was time for me to challenge myself and follow my real passion so I decided to take a leap of faith and chase a creative career. Brave or mid-life crisis, I guess I was about to find out!
I enrolled at Shillington College for the April intake and I have no regrets in that decision.  I would urge anyone who, like me, finds themselves on a path they did not choose and now want to take more control in life, to take the plunge, be brave and go for it! What's the worse that can happen?
I've learnt so much in my previous career about the world and how businesses operate that I can bring all that experience into my  Graphic Design career, that allows me to work more productively and effectively with clients, collaborators and colleagues in all area's.
As a Graphic Designer I now feel very at home and to get the chance to create something from a place of passion is an incredible joy!
I hope you like what you see.
Thank you for stopping by.

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